Daily Cleanser

A daily cleanser without soap and powder!

Composed of rhassoul, a Moroccan clay known for absorbing impurities and fats, and oat bran powder, this face cleanser will cleanse your skin gently… and without microbeads of non-biodegradable plastics (it's the environment that thanks you).
As no essential oil is used for its manufacture, this treatment is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

A bottle allows 40 to 45 applications.


INCI ingredients, in simple – transpa
rent? Moroccan Lava Clay: rhassoul, Moroccan clay, absorbs impurities
and fatsAvena Sativa: oat bran, warns dehydra
tionOriza Sativa (Rice) Starch: rice flour, brings s
weetness from organic farming

This cleanser is without plastic microbeads, palm oil, mineral oils and preservatives.
Are you a vegan? It does not contain animal fats/beeswax.

Packaged in a 50g glass bottle.

Tips Mix the equ
ivalent of half a teaspoon (1 to 1.5g) of cleansing powder with a little lukewarm water in the palm of your hand. Gently massage your face and rinse thoroughly
. Then apply a face serum that's right for your
skin. Recommended use: maximum 1x/day