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Today’s Woman Article – 6 Belgian artisan soap factories to support – 9/04/20

19Article Elle Belgium – Why is solid soap the must-have beauty? – 21/02/2019A
rticle report at the workshop on our solid soaps

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“Brussels live” broadcast, on Vivacité, 30/11/20
18A live radio hour, with the creator of Indigène as a guest!

Article DH – What if we offered Brussels creations?”
 […]And before taking care of your look, it’s also important to take care of your body. For this, Indigène offers a ton of products ranging from shampoos, serums and scrubs. History of taking care of oneself while supporting two Belgian adventurers of cold saponification. […]
“Online 8/12/2018

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Lilikus – My favorite solid shampoos – the low p
ooAvis on our solid shampoos
” ♡ Native. A few months ago, I discovered the Brussels cosmetics brand Indigène and their rhassoul shampoo. I had a lot of expectations about this shampoos because I was getting tired of the Lamazuna (which I loved to use for a while). Finally, the Native shampoo won the award for best shampoo because I have been using (almost) more than this one sinc
e.” Released on 26/11/20
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Marcelle and Josephine – Native: oils, powders and soaps made in Bel
I discovered Native a little by chance, while I was looking for a solid shampoo. After a few uses, I knew that I had found there a new essential. Cherry on the cake? This treatment is made in Belgium by Francesco and Eva who offer a range of slow products. The appointment is taken in a lively café just a stone’s throw from Flagey Square. We sit on the terrace for two hours of exciting interview! Meeting.”
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ramAvist on coconut-vanilla scrub and young neutral ser
umMis online 15/09/2017
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am Warning on nettle shampoo ros
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Marcelle – Josephine – Towards a more slow beauty – Body and hair e
ditionAvis on the grapefruit/lemon rhassoul sh
ampoo”I was looking for a soft product for the scalp; An easy-to-use and rinse product a product that washes without drying and allows me to space shampoos. And I ended up finding it! I rub the native solid shampoo in my hand and then directly on my head. It foams very lightly while I massage my scalp. It rinses easily and leaves hair clean for a long time – I’m at two shampoos a week!” Posted
online on 18/08/2017 (
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Lilycraft – I tested for you: The Indigenous Solid Shampo
o On Nettle Powder Neutral Shampoo”I’m very
satisfied with the solid Native shampoo that looks mega durable, eco-friendly, in keeping with my values and what I’m looking for. It allows me to declutter my bathroom and find alternatives to all the infamous industrial packaging I used before.” Posted
online on 10/08/2017 (
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Into the Green – My holiday kit for a summer at the topA
vis on the coconut-vanilla scru
b”Then we exfoliate with the Coco-Vanille scrub of the Belgian brand Native ♥ The smell is to die for, it smells like Raffaello! :O  For the summer you can hardly dream better!  The composition is really at the top, it moisturizes super well and leaves the skin really soft.  In short I love
it!” Posted on 7/08/20
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HappyGreenMe – My zero waste sensitive skin routine and ve
ganAvis on the face serum skin young neut
ral”On the cheeks, I put 2 drops of serum for the young skin of Native. Big favorite for this product of the Brussels brand! It contains 3 vegetable oils: jojoba, hazelnut and apricot kernels. I chose the one without essential oils, but the brand also offers this serum with HE.  […]It moisturizes the skin very well and just like the Bioflora fluid, it leaves no greasy film. You can quite make up after applying, which was not the case for me when I was using jojoba oil alone.” Post
ed on 5/08/2017 (Thi
s is not a partnership, but a customer’s opinion ;))

HappyGreenMe – My Order GreenmeowF
irst opinion on coconut-vanilla scrub and face serum skin neutral young sk
in”The Native brand has become one of my favorites for the care of my skin. […]the products of this Brussels brand suit me perfectly, since they are composed only of HV and HE. In addition, their approach is very ecological, all their pots are glass. I ordered a face serum that I love too ♥. I also let myself be tempted by the body scrub with sugar and coconut. After reading and hearing several times that it smelled divinely good, I wanted to try it by myself 🙂 . I directly opened the jar when I received my order, and I can tell you that the smell is to die for! All that’s left is to try it, I’ll let you kno
w.” Posted on 2/08/2017
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amSee warning about grapefruit/lemon rhassoul s
hampooMis online 22/07/2
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Into the Green – I reduce waste in my bathroomSsss

ee on grapefruit/lemon rhassoul shampooMis
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am Warning on the young neut
ral serumMis online 11/0
7/2017 (This is not a partnership, but a customer’s opinion

;)) Into the Green – Finished Product
s June 2017See on chocolat
e scrub”First finished product and unique favorite, this is the chocolate scrub of the brand Indigène.  I’m crazy about it!” Post
ed on 1/07/2017 (Thi
s is not a partnership, but a customer’s opinion ;))

Lilikus – Indigenous, natural soap
sAvisls on a good part of the rang
e”I was very touched by their story because I find that their project really makes sense, that they want to do things right and you feel that they deeply love what they do. I saw their eyes twinkle when they told me about their products. Making different cosmetics, good for man and for the planet with, above all, a real ethical concern is their driving force. Native is also vegan since the products do not contain animal fats or beeswax. 
Their range of cosmetics is basic but perfect when looking for simple and effective things (which is my case
).” Online 06/03/2017 (

HappyGreenMe – 5 Green Gestures to Take Care of Her Hair
Avist on Nettle Shampoo”A
fter the disappointing experience I had with solid shampoos, I was rather skeptical about the effectiveness of this shampoo. Finally, I am quite satisfied: it cleans well, soothes the scalp and does not damage my hair. In addition, I much prefer its rectangular shape easier to foam than that of Lamazuna shampoos. I also find that it adds a little volume, which is therefore perfect for fine and flat hair. I’ll see its long-term effects, but for now I really like this shampoo.” Posted
online on 12/02/2017 (
This is not a partnership, but a customer’s opinion ;))

Pie in the sky – My favorites of the moment #
2Avis on the face cleanser”
This powder cleanser is really my favorite of the month. I’m not leaving him anymore! Basically, you put a little water and this powder becomes a paste with which you cleanse your face. I love it and so does my skin! My skin is well cleaned and soft
.” Online 11/02/2017 (

Giusi Genduso (Youtube) – Native, a family historyAvis
t on the rangeMi
s online on 30/01/2017 (