Soft Orange Scrub

An exfoliator with a fruity fragrance for smooth smooth skin!

Based on sea salt, apricot oil and raw avocado oil (100% organic ingredients!), this scrub restores your skin to its incredible softness. Without plastic microbeads, it is great for the environment and is perfect for your skin. Its subtle scent of sweet orange will delight your senses.

INCI ingredients, in simple – transpare
nt? Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar cane) Extract: cane sugar, brings exfoliating powerMaris Sal: sea salt, brings exfoliating power and releases mi
neral saltsPrunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil: apricot oil, nourishes
and softens skinPersea Gratissima Oil: avocado oil, nouri
shes and softens skinOlea Europaea Fruit Oil: olive oil,
nourishes and softens skinCocos Nucifera Oil: coconut oil, no

urishes and softens the skinCitru : sweet orange essential oil, provides fr
uity fragranceTocopherol: vitamin E, anti-oxidant avoiding premature r
ancidity of oilsLimonene: naturally present in essen
tial oils from organic farming

All our scrubs are without plastic microbeads, palm oil, mineral oils and preservatives.
Are you a vegan? They do not contain animal fats/beeswax.

Packaged in 180g amber glass jar.

Use tipsApply a
hazelnut on the exfoliate area and massage circularly. Once done, rinse with water. Rec
ommended use: 3 to 4 times/month