Soap Neutral Range

Sweetness in the bar!

Our soaps are handmade from organic vegetable oils, cold saponified (and lovingly). This ancestral know-how makes it possible to obtain a product that washes (this is the primary purpose of a soap), but which does not induce skin tug-of-war, thanks to the glycerin produced during the reaction. Overgraezing brings this incomparable softness.
A real joy to use!

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This soap from our "Neutral – No Essential Oils" range is ideal for sensitive skin, pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as children.
The overgrant with avocado oil (rich in unsaponifiable) gives it an even more intense sweetness.

INCI ingredients, in simple – transparent?
Sodium Olivate and Sodium Canolate: saponified olive and rapeseed oils bring sweetness, thanks to their large amounts of oleic fatty acids.
Sodium Cocoate: saponified coconut oil, provides washing power and hardness, thanks to the lauric fatty acids it contains.
Sodium Shea Butterate and Sodium Cocoa Butterate: saponified shea butter and cocoa, provide hardness and good foaming, thanks to their high levels of stearic fatty acids.
Avocado oil: avocado oil, used for overgrading.
Sodium Ricinoleate: saponified castor oil, provides a beautiful foam thanks to its ricinoleic fatty acids.

from organic farming

All our soaps are palm oil-free, mineral oil-free and preservative-free.
Are you a vegan? Our soaps do not contain animal fats/beeswax.

Each brick of soap is about 100-105g.

Tips for use
Once out of the shower, dry your soap (wooden soap door for example). This will extend its lifespan.