Who are we?

He is Francesco, a pharmacist by profession. His favorite activities? Picking blackberries and mushrooms.
She is Eva, a master of biomedical sciences toxicology option in her pocket, she is passionate about beekeeping, chocolate making and reading the mini inscriptions on the labels.


We met on the university benches, but more specifically in the context of two project kots: the eco-friendly Coqueli'kot and the culinary Chef'kot. We quickly got into the habit of analyzing the contents of our plate… and it's only natural that we did the same for cosmetics in our bathroom. To tell you the truth, it wasn't pretty pretty. This is where the great adventure began: why don't we make our own soap?

We pooled our scientific knowledge (pharmacy and toxicology, it helps!) and bim bam boom, we achieved our first cold saponification. Happy with the result, we continued by making shampoos, serums and scrubs that won over our families and friends. We then put our professional careers on hold and set out to discover distant and unsuspected cultures. This year of walking around the world has germinated the idea of getting more serious in the production of cosmetic products respectful of the environment and our skin.

Indigenous was born in Cambodia at the dawn of 2016.