Strong shampoos

A solid shampoo? And yes, I do! In addition to being eco-friendly (no plastic packaging) and handmade, it is good for your hair and for the planet: no silicones (non-bio-degradable) or sulphates (which irritate the scalp), without preservatives… A real treat in the shower.

Our range consists of 2 products (each available in "Neutral – No Essential Oils" and a fragrant version):

Normal hair: rhassoul (neutral or delicately scented with lemon/grapefruit)

Hair with a greasy tendency: nettle powder (neutral or delicately scented with rosemary)

All our solid shampoos are sulphate-free, silicone-free, palm oil-free, mineral oil-free and preservative
-free. Are you a vegan? Our shampoos do not contain animal fats/beeswax.

Small tip at the end of use: Once the shampoo is too thin, put it in a nylon stocking (an old spun stock that you will keep for the occasion). The use remains the same and you will not lose a crumb.