Our values

Respect for the body – the environment.
Yes, a cosmetic that respects your body, but also the environment, it is possible! In Native products, no unnecessary preservatives such as parabens (which would be estrogen-like), no irritating products such as sulphates, no synthetic assets, no ingredients from petrochemicals (highly polluting industry), no silicones or microbeads (which are non-biodegradable and harmful to flora and fauna), … We use organically grown raw materials as much as possible.

Simple – Transparent
For natives, simplicity and transparency are the order of the day: bye bye the mystery ingredients and tarabiscoté names on the labels. Thanks to a rigorous and careful selection of our raw materials, our cosmetics are functional while being understandable. For more information, please check out the product listings. You'll find additional explanations for each ingredient used.

Local – Sustainable
These two adjectives are close to our hearts. In order to minimise the ecological impact of our brand, we select, as far as possible, raw materials manufactured in countries bordering Belgium. To reduce waste production, we have opted for minimalist packaging: recycled paper for shampoos and soaps, recyclable glass for oils and scrubs (we are currently working on a container recovery service).